Tips for Storing Opened Wine

Do you need a few ideas for storing opened wine? Discover the top tips for red wine storage that will allow you to enjoy yours a few additional days.

  1. If you store your opened reds properly, it can last up to a couple of weeks. However, it's best to drink your left overs in 2 to 4 days to preserve the taste.

  2. If you drink more than half of the bottle, move the remaining liquid to a smaller bottle to decrease the amount of oxygen that mixes with it. You'll probably want to have a few smaller bottles available, so that you can use the one that will allow you to fill it up as much as possible. Once it's filled up, add a stopper to the top to store it.

  3. If you drink less than half of the bottle of your opened red, you can keep it in its current bottle (as you can see in the image below). Before you store it, you will want to remove as much oxygen from the bottle as possible and use a stopper to keep it out. You can also seal or protect the surface of it by using a preserving spray or a wine shield (see my list of the best accessories below for more details on each of these options).

    storing opened wine

  4. Keep it cool after it's opened in order to slow the process. You can even refrigerate it. A dedicated refrigerator is best, since this will keep it cool and not too cold. However, you can put it into your regular refrigerator as long as you let it warm up a little before you serve it. This is a great way to continue storing opened wine a little longer.

  5. Store it away from strong odors. Whether you store it in your refrigerator or somewhere else, make sure it is stored away from strong odors. As with other foods and beverages, when opened, it will sometimes pick up these additional odors. This will change the taste of it dramatically. Make sure you are aware of this when you determine where you will store your opened wine.

  6. If you do drink it more than 4 days after it's been open, be aware that the taste may change due to the longevity of the oxygen exposure.

Overall, once a bottle is opened and exposed to oxygen, the red wine will begin to change. These tips allow for storing opened wine to maximize the life of it.

Five Best Accessories for Storing Opened Wine

Here are five of the best accessories to use if you are storing opened wine in the original bottle.

1. Umbra Drinking Buddy Bottle Stopper: This is one of my favorite stopper sets. If you need a simple stopper to help save it overnight or for a couple of days, this will do the trick. Just add the stopper to the top of the bottle and it will stop additional oxygen from entering. It's also cute, fun and includes some glass charms.

2. Vacu Vin Concerto 5-Piece Saver Set with 4 Stoppers: This is another great option if you want to store it overnight or just for a couple of days. It takes the process one step further by allowing you to remove some of the oxygen already in the bottle. It's also easy to use - simply add the stopper into the top of the bottle and pump out the air until you hear the click. This is one of the most commonly used types of storing opened wine accessories.

3. Farberware Bar And Wine Series Champagne Stopper: If you need to save a bottle of Champagne or sparkling, then this is the type of stopper you need. This is the perfect option if you are storing either of these just overnight or for a couple of days.

4. Wine Shield, Pack of 10: This is a fairly new product on the market. It's designed for those storing opened wine for a little bit longer. It's a small disc that sits on top of the liquid in the opened bottle. The disc protects it from the oxygen sitting above it. After placing the disc in the bottle, you can pour a glass and the disc will move back into place once you set the bottle down. Because the wine in the bottle is always protected, you are then able to enjoy it for a week or more after you open it.

5. Oenophilia Private Preserve Wine Preserver: This product protects it in a similar way to the Wine Shield - except with a protective layer of gas. When you are ready to store your opened bottle, simply add a small amount of gas. This forms a seal over liquid to protect it from further oxidation. The gas does not harm it or change its flavors. This is commonly used in bars, restaurants and at wineries. You can usually get up to 100 or more uses out of one bottle. This method will also allow you to store it for just a day or more than a week.

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storing opened wine

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