What are the resveratrol benefits?

Find out more about resveratrol benefits and red wine. You will also learn about some other sources, what it is and more.

This is one of the new hot topics. Many researchers are working hard to better understand it's benefits.

What is it?

Before we jump into the benefits of resveratrol, let's first define it. It is an antioxidant compound called a polyphenol. The red wine grape vines create this substance as their internal defense to fight off fungus and other diseases. It also helps the vine protect itself against stress and injuries.

The vine produces it in the skin of grapes. These skins are then used to make reds. This is why you find it in reds only. They are not found in white wines, since the skin is removed during the winemaking process.

Resveratrol Benefits and Cancer

Researchers have been studying the benefits of resveratrol for many years. Recently, many people have linked reds and this substance and want to learn more about its effect.

The National Cancer Institute has reported that one of the benefits of resveratrol is that it has been shown to reduce the tumor incident in animals. It goes on to say that in the studies show that it inhibits the growth of many types of cancer cells in culture.

They also point to research that supports the fact that it can reduce inflammation. Much of this research was done on animals and the human research is still underway.

The National Cancer Institute also reports on a recent research study in the Internal Journal of Cancer. The report says that drinking reds may decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men. The study shows that this was a result for men drinking just one glass a day.

The American Institute for Cancer Research also mentions some initial studies that show some benefit. They mention many of the same ones as the National Cancer Institute including studies that suggest this little understood substance might be able to slow the growth of cancer cells.

The human research around the resveratrol benefits are still in their initial stages. Many of these studies are focused on the preventative effects of this compound. Much of the information available on its benefits is reported as it 'might' or 'may' be beneficial since there is a lot of research that still needs to be done.

Other Effects

There are other studies underway to better understand the overall health benefits of resveratrol. Many of the studies are focused on its anti-aging capabilities and how it impacts weight loss.

Again, most of this research is in its early stages. Very little testing on humans has been done, but everyone is excited to learn more and understand its potential benefits.

Other Sources

Reds are not the only food that contains this substance. Blueberries, grapes, peanuts and cranberries are just a few of the other plants that also contain this compound.

Overall the resveratrol benefits are still being examined. Although early tests on animals show positive effects, it will be a few years before the real human benefit is confirmed.

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