Red Wine Storage and Serving Tips

You can store your wine for a longer period of time if you follow these simple red wine storage tips. This section also provides some key information on serving, tasting etiquette and other useful storing and serving information.

8 Tips for Storing Wine

There are a few simple things that you need to know about storing wine to preserve it before it's served. Find eight key steps to follow for storing wines that have not been opened.

Storing Opened Wine

Did you open your red wine and not finish the bottle? No problem, there are a few simple techniques that you can use to preserve it.

Find quick and easy steps to storing opened wine so you can continue to enjoy it for a few additional days.

Decanting, Pouring and Other Serving Tips

There is still a lot of debate over when decanting is necessary. This section provides you with some information on when decanting is necessary. It also provides some tips for serving and pouring.

Serving Temperature Recommendations

The serving temperature is an important consideration when serving your wine. This section provides some specific serving temperature recommendations for the different types of reds.

Five Fun & Functional Tasting Accessories

Are you looking for some great tasting accessories? Here you will find a list of my five favorite tasting accessories. They are easy to use, inexpensive and solve some of those pesky problems that red lovers face.

How Long Should I Store My Reds?

This is a question I get time and time again. How long does red wine storage take for it to reach its optimal age? It is a little bit of a tricky question, since there are so many different types of wines, densities and price points on the market today. However, there are a few key ways to look at yours to help you determine how long you need to age it. Read this article to gain some insights on this topic.

Six Tips to Open Your Champagne Like a Pro

Do you have a celebration coming up where you are serving champagne? Do you have visions of the cork flying through the air and champagne spilling all over your carpet? These six tips will guide you through the process on how to open champagne like a pro.

Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

Did you spill your red wine on your clothes or carpet? Find some helpful red wine stain removal tips including the use of some simple household products.

Tips for Ordering in a Restaurant

Do you struggle with how to order in a restaurant? Is the list too large and you are not sure where to start? This simple guide on ordering in a restaurant gives you a great start. It covers how to read a menu, quick tips for pairing with your meal, how to use a sommelier and tasting. Read through this guide and use it before ordering your next glass or bottle at a restaurant.

Tasting Etiquette

What is the proper tasting etiquette? Follow these easy steps for tasting for your upcoming event or party. You will also discover some tasting tips to ensure you are able to taste like a pro.

Red Wine Storage: Holiday Glasses

Its the holiday season and many people are looking for holiday glasses and other gifts. Find a great selection of holiday glasses, gift baskets and other gifts for the wine lover in your family.

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