Napa Valley Map Resource Guide

This Napa Valley Map Resource Guide has a list of the most popular and easy to use maps for the wineries in this region. The list below includes both online interactive and PDF downloadable map options.

winery map in napa
A large map of the Domaine Chandon vineyards here
hanging on the wall in their visitors center

Clickable Map

One of the best maps I've seen for this region is the clickable map available on This map is a good overview of Napa. It doesn't have all of the wineries in here listed, but has a large number of the most notable wineries.

The great thing about this one is you can also click on each winery name to head to their website. This way you can quickly plan your trip, find out the tasting hours and each wineries exact location.

Here is a link to their clickable guide:

Google Clickable Map

Another great Napa Valley wineries map resource is the one available on the Napa Valley Vineyards site. This was created using Google Maps and gives the locations of many of the most well-known vineyards here.

It also has the functionality for building a trip, so you can then see where the wineries are located that you would like to visit. It is located here:

Wine Country Printable PDF Guide

If you are more interested in a hard copy version, then I'd recommend checking out the PDF map available from the Wine Country web site. Theirs is quite a bit more detailed than either of the interactive maps.

It shows the different sub regions with in the region. In addition, this Napa Valley map shows more wineries than the interactive maps.

Here is where you can go to download it.

Wine Country Getaways PDF

Wine Country Getaways also has a printable PDF Napa Valley map. This one has quite a bit of detail and includes a number of the wineries.

On this page, you can also download a copy of it for Carneros, which is a much smaller wine region nearby. This page on their site has links to both of these maps.

Other Planning and Tour Options

If you decide that it's too overwhelming to plan your own trip, there are a few different options for you. You can pay a little more money and book a trip through one of the tour companies in the area. Here are some wine tasting guided tour recommendations that I pulled together to help you get started.

The other option is to visit them on your own. This list of my favorite wineries will get you started. This gives you a list of some top wineries in the region, their location and what you can expect when you visit each one.

If you are going on your own, I always recommend that you pick just one or two wineries each day to get you started. I then think it is fun to stop by other wineries that look interesting along the way. My recommendations page is a a great place to start.

I also recommend asking around while you taste to see what other wine tasters and the people working at the wineries suggest. This is how I like to do my tastings and it's always fun to find some new places to visit.

Additional Tips on Visiting

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